Razors March 2015

British Aristocrat #21 (with instructions)

P1060466 P1060467 P1060468 P1060469

British Aristocrat #16 with Shipper 

P1060532 P1060472 P1060476 P1060475 P1060473


P1060478 P1060480 P1060481

Fatboy (with instructions)

P1060499 P1060500 P1060501


P1060494 P1060495 P1060496 P1060497


P1060503 P1060507 P1060504

Aristocrat Junior ( with instructions)

P1060509 P1060510 P1060511

Bostonian Riser works, top velvet upside down. No bent or missing teeth

P1060483 P1060484P1060486

ABC Set (mismatched case)



#77 :)


British Fat Handle Tech



P1060513P1060518 P1060524

GEM with 2 blades

P1060515 P1060517Union Straight


Genco (Geneva) Straight


Ambrose Strop


Filly strop ( still got oxide on the back) 


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Christmas is coming !

ImageBook now for your Summer Holiday!



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Blogging with my Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet


Writing all the text into the body


A link to the Gadgeteer

Here is a picture I managed to get of a wild fern. transferred via my Eye-fi card from my Panasonic G2,  resized and changed to black and while using Picsay Pro and then loaded into WordPress. All writing done using the stylus and My script Stylus.

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Panagona Brush Scuttle

Winters getting close and there might be some new B&B members who aren’t aware of the B&B Panogana Scuttle.

Designed and hand made in Tasmania.

Origin thread is here

Nothing like warm lather on a cold wintery morning !!!!

For those that don’t know how to use a brush scuttle see here

Much is the pity, the travelling demo scuttle was…there’s no polite way to put this…STOLEN, so can’t really do try before you buy though if there is enough interest I’d be willing to throw one of mine out there for you folks to try.

Just contacted Bill, he’s got these on the shelves.

I’d email him to get some piccies as don’t forget that these are all hand turned so there’ll be some variation in each scuttle including the final glaze.

Pricing is $44.50AU shipped anywhere in Australia !!!!

Send Bill an email @ info@panogana.com


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British Red Tip Rocket

Very Good Condition. Red about 95%


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British Rocket

Very good condition except for Some brassing on the TTO knob.


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British Aristocrat Jr

With instructions, case in very good condtion, note that one door on this unit has been replaced with a door from a Rocket.


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